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Psycho Pass (PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス Saikopasu) is a Japanese Anime television series by Production I.G. Season 1 started airing in October 2012 and a new Season 2 will start airing in October 2014, along with a new movie the next winter.

And yet, I wonder why... I felt something totally different 
from Kōgami-san.
It's not just the fact that he's a latent criminal.
Having a healthy Psycho-Pass and an aptitude for high-level
jobs... Those things were indeed what we considered sources
of strength.
His strength however, is more anachronistic and classical...
I felt that it was dangerous to even think about him.
Even so, running away from the situation isn't acceptable.
...Our lives have already crossed.
There’s this quote from Kierkegaard that my father liked. “Because man is superior to animals, in other words, because man is the self, and spirit, man can be in despair”
If you want to escape a life where everything you have is constantly taken from you, you can join the people responsible for taking those things away.


Dive to Psycho-Pass: Psycho-Shop Ebisubashi [1/2]


Dive to Psycho-Pass: Psycho-Shop Ebisubashi [2/2]

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